Big Deal In The Hip Hop World : Peso 131

His name is Mitchell Graham known in showbiz as ‘Peso 131’. He is a great deal in the world of hip hop.

Peso 131 is from an old-school rap group called the ‘Fearless Four’. The first group to sign to a major label, Electra Warner Bros in 1983. They had a couple of hits in the early 1980. The biggest hit was called “Rockin it”. They were featured in a classic hip hop documentary named “Style Wars”.
Since 2018, Peso 131 has revamp his craft and now entertaining the crowd with great music. He has with great artists all over the world. His first two international songs featured DJ Hiko from Japan, this tune was titled “She’s Wild” and also collaborated with Jamaican Rapper Papa Austin on “The Wrong Girl To Play With”

Listen to him on all music platforms. The name is “Peso 131”.



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