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iAS LIVE Music Review

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iAS Live Music Review: uses creative ways to engage their audience via social mediaprint media and television; their goal is to help bring attention to your music, your business, your brand. They review music from Independent Artists Worldwide. Like Love or Lose it!!! They let the PEOPLE Speak! Get your music reviewed live if you’re an artist. If you’re an everyday ordinary music lover, become an online critic and offer your opinion about the music and find your new favorite song.

iAS makes it easy to your music on the roster. They offer 3 options: FREE SPIN, IMMEDIATE PLAY, and DELUXE PLAY. The FREE SPIN option, your song is placed in line. iAS will Review and Play your song in the order that it is received. The IMMEDIATE PLAY option costs ONLY $5.00 and is exceptional. This gets your song Played and Reviewed on the next scheduled Live show. DELUXE PLAY costs ONLY $25.00. This gets you 2 Songs Played & Reviewed on the next scheduled Live show and iAS will send your song out to Dj’s (If the viewers Like or Love it ) and you will also get Your Video of Choice Aired on Icreeupree TV but it: (Must meet Broadcast Standards).
iAS is a great channel to get your music out to listeners. Their services are very professional and it’s a lot of fun. The hosts of the Live Review have great energy this is definitely something you want to check out. Just go to https://www.iaslivemusicreview.com/ for instructions on what you need to do it only takes moments and they get back to you almost immediately. iAS LIVE MUSIC REVIEW gets a LOVE IT from One Stop Shop Hip Hop.

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