RJ Payne Bars

RJ Payne Bars on I-95

This video of RJ Payne visiting Bars On I-95 Connecticut’s number 1 Rap platform for your favorite Hip Hop artists is pretty incredible. Not only does RJ rip one of the illest freestyles to date he drops a bucket full of gems throughout the interview segment. This is a must view for every upcoming artist out there. No words will do justice to this segment you just have to view it for yourself. If you don’t get anything from this, then in the famous words of Ice Cube “You Need To Check Yourself”.

RJ Payne

RJ Payne is that cat and this video shows and proves he is much more than just another rapper. Check it out and if you haven’t already, check out his website¬†https://iamrjpayne.com/home and support this brother.

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