Who is Big Homie Wes? The new lord in the Rap Game.

Wesley J. Turner better known by the stage name Big Homie Wes is a hip hop artist, a producer and radio personality born in Texas, but currently living in Vermont, in the United States. He has quickly carved out a critical spot in the pantheon of rap’s new underground. While most of his contemporaries produce gritty, bass-driven bangers, Big Wes Homie toys with melody and adds a softer element that sets him apart from the pack. He works under his own production company called WES production LLC.

In 2013, soon after completing High school, Big Homie Wes began to writing and recording in studios. He first recorded ‘Summer’ with his friend Capital E, according to Big Homie Wes, Capital E’s dad was a skilled engineer so he recorded and produced their first single. Working on few mixtapes with Capital E, his passion for sound production began to unfold. In the past few years, He has played a lot of roles including producing his own music along with dozens of artists in Vermont.. He also worked as a radio and live event DJ in the past. Wes hosted a weekly radio show “ Straight Outta Johnson” on 90.7WJSC-FM where he used his platform to spotlight emcees around him.

In April 3, 2019 , Wes’s first EP ‘Contraband’ was featured in Seven Days and headlined “Album Review: Big Homie Wes, Contraband” written by Justin Boland. In the article Justin stated that ‘Inevitably, though, a short EP feels like a prelude to something bigger.’

In 2020, Big Homie Wes released two albums. The first was in February called ‘ Spliff & Brew’ featuring some production by himself and other Vermont producers. ‘Spliff & Brew has nine songs including, “Elevated” “Feel Better” “Money on my Mind” and many more.  Wes disclosed that he really invested a lot of time into all those records.

The second was which was relesed in July 2020 titled  ‘Airplane Mode‘.The album included collaboration with , DZY, Just Cauz and Cienci.Wes revealed that Airplane Mode features more of a trap/modern sound and was really experimenting with a different sound than what he had been doing for years. He believes this album  specifically really helped him hone his production, recording and writing skills.

Big Homie Wes revealed that growing up he was inspired by artist like Ice Cube, 50 cent, DMX and Freddie Gibbs. He dreams of working with producer like Dr Dre, Madlib, etc. He gives credits to Corty Booth,Dizzy the Myth and One Stop Shop Hip Hop for helping him with brand Management.

Wes  plans to grow his production company into a record label and continue to develop his wrirting and production skills.

Big Homie Wes like all great rappers has a great body of work, delivery, clarity,timing storytelling, songwriting, longevity, live performance and rhyme skills.



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Listen to to Fast Money on the Airplane Mode Album which show his effortless ability to write sticky hooks that have the way of climbing inside your brain and never leaving.

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