LSPEARMAN (Almighty L #209021) & GU (Amazing G #212238)

Lifers Group “Unda Dawgs” Official Video

For those of you that LOVE the Golden Era of Hip Hop, this is definitely a treat. You can not LOVE the golden era and not know about the Lifers Group. For those of you that don’t know; Lifers Group was a hip hop group formed by Maxwell Melvins while incarcerated at East Jersey State Prison in Rahway, New Jersey in 1991.

From behind prison walls, Lifers Group’s released “Lifers Group” an EP that became Hollywood Basic’s (Disney Music Group’s rap subsidiary) inaugural release in 1991, accompanied by a short documentary, Lifers Group World Tour: Rahway Prison, That’s It, directed by Penelope Spheeris and released by Hollywood Basic on videocassette.

Lifers Group World Tour: Rahway Prison, That’s It, was nominated for a 1992 Grammy Award for Best Long Form Music Video, but the group’s members were disallowed by prison officials from attending the ceremony.

30 some odd years laters, here you have two of Lifers Group’s original members  LSPEARMAN (Almighty L #209021) & GU (Amazing G #212238) dropping a lead single “Unda Dawgs”. Unda Dawds is produced by rapper activist Capital X, mixed and mastered by the legendary Vinny Idol who is a huge part of DBlock’s success sound back in the day. The single is part of an EP titled “Neva Fold” which will follow. The project is being overseen by executive producer DJ Mixture of Content Chunk.

It is a pleasure to see these veterans still doing their thing. As much as the younger rappers coming up deserve love and support from the Hip Hop community, so do out living legends. Lifers Group are nothing less than living legends. Time to root for the Unda Dawgs!