About Us

Established in 2020 in Bellows Falls, Vermont ONE STOP SHOP HIP HOP LLC had a vision to serve all aspects of entertainment business for struggling artists, to established businesses in need. Utilizing over 50 years of combined experience, we serve our clients directly or by way of our extensive worldwide network of colleagues, associates and affiliates.

Each member of our team currently works or has worked in every capacity of the music business and entertainment industry from: songwriting, recording engineering, sound engineering, performance, touring, promotions, production, management, A&R Director and record label CEO. We know what you need in order to help you succeed in accomplishing your overall goals. Our knowledge, wisdom and personal experiences coupled with the relationships we have forged over the years can assist you in many ways along your journey.

Our wealth of knowledge, connections and personal relationships with internationally known artists, radio station programmers, Dj’s and radio show hosts, journalists and bloggers is put to use in helping all of our clients. We assist them with the complexities and challenges that all artists face from day to day so to ease the burden allowing our clients to better focus on their crafts.

There are no limits to the assistance One Stop Shop Hip Hop has to offer. If we can’t directly assist, we know someone who can. From full on production, beat and verse leasing, local recording facilities, publishing, distribution, tour management to photo & video shoots we aim to be a vital member of your team. We put in the necessary work for our clients behind the scene so that they can shine in the forefront.

We offer a number of individual services as well as packages aimed to fit any budget and any level of artist and professional. We also customize packages and services for those with special needs. Feel free to contact us to receive your FREE consultation


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