Boardwalk Global Media ( BGM) is a boutique multi-media content creation company that is owned by double platinum artist M.C. Stik-E aka Rocklogic.
Boardwalk Global Media ( BGM) engages in the production, licensing and distribution of content in the areas of music, film/tv, 
live entertainment and podcasting.
BGM Podcasting Network has a current active production slate of 7 shows.

Hip Hop Blvd Family

A Corporation dedicated to protect, preserve and empower the name of Hip Hop and it’s Pioneers, people and culture. “Hip Hop Blvd’s goal is to bring positive change in communities worldwide, while creating awareness of Hip Hop’s origins.


Capital X

Capital X is an internationally known Human/Prisoners Rights Activist/Death Penalty Opponent, Hiphop Advocate/Educator/Artist and self proclaimed Voice of the Voiceless. 

Guerrilla Republik

Guerrilla Republik and Hip Hop are synonymous. Known all over the world for their contribution to the culture of Hip Hop for the past decade and for their affiliation with Immortal Technique, Dead Prez and countless other revolutionary and social justice activists/artists.

Indie Source Magazine

Indie Source Magazine. An Independent Magazine Curated to Independent Creatives, From Indie Music Artist of all genres, Radio Host, DJ’s, Publicist, Editors, Producers, Actors, Engineers, Photographers, Videographers, Stylist, Make-Up Artist, Painters, Dancers, Poets, Entrepreneurs and all things indie. A Resource & Network tool for All Independents to build and grow their brand.

No Filter Radio

NYC’s HOTTEST ONLINE RADIO: No Filter Radio aims to provide a platform for Independent artists, creatives and entrepreneurs to show their craft & promote their Brand!