Artist Spotlight

Xidus Pain

Xidus Pain is a multi-disciplined Rap artist and an award winning HipHop Educator / Music Practitioner out of Peterborough, United Kingdom.
As an artist he was mentored by HipHop legends The Sugahill Gang and Grandmaster Melle Mel and got to perform alongside them. He has worked with countless musicians all around the world and has been featured on many global radio stations. Xidus has worked with Street Sounds records and has been featured on songs with and worked with legends such as Special Ed, Sadat X (Brand Nubian), El da sensei (Artifacts), Michael Mcdonald, Poet / Writer Dr Benjamin Zephaniah, Sheena Easton, Peabo Bryson and members of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. He has worked with the BBC, National Grid, NHS, New York Times, HipHop Loves Foundation, Howard University (Washington DC), The United Nations and many other organisations helping to use music to uplift global communities and to bring them closer together. 

The Great Peso 131

The Great Peso 131 is a Hip Hop legend and Pioneer. The Great Peso is one forth of the Legendary hip hop group Fearless 4 (Fearless Four). The Fearless 4 were the first rap group in history to be signed to a major record label (Electra Warner Bros.) in 1983. The Fearless is best known for its 1982 single “Rockin’ It”. The track is featured in the 1983 classic hip hop documentary Style Wars. The Fearless 4 hailed from Harlem, N.Y. Members D.L.B., Tito, Mike C and The Great Peso also had hit tracks: It’s Magic, Problems of the World Today, F 4000 and Fearless Freestyle that changed the scope of hip hop in the 80’s.

Peso 131 who is also a very skilled graffiti artist is still Rockin’ it! Since 2018 Peso reemerged on the hip hop scene dropping a number singles as a solo artist but still repping his Fearless team.

Check out and follow Peso on all his social media sites and rock his music on Spotify and all other streaming platforms.

Capital X

Capital X is an internationally known Human/Prisoners Rights Activist/Death Penalty Opponent, Hiphop Advocate/Educator/Artist and self proclaimed Voice of the Voiceless.

Born in Brooklyn, New York to where both of his parents had migrated from Puerto Rico during the “Great Migration” in the 1950’s. He now resides in Marnardal, Norway where he migrated to 2010. X has a rich history within the Hip Hop culture dating back to 1977 before the culture was even structured of it’s 5 elements and before it was all called Hip Hop. 

 Capital X met the spirit of Hiphop in Patillas, Puerto Rico where his cousin was part of an Uprock crew called the Dynamite Kids. X started with Uprocking and evolved into breaking which he did till he picked up the microphone in 1982. He always had a passion to become an MC but it wasn’t till he heard “The Message” by Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five that made his life changing decision to become an MC.



Da U.A. was already established when they and a group Called Unknown Artists came together in the Spring of 2005. Da Beatdiggs (Tyrone Bolden) and P. Dot Flo (Derrick Parramore) joined forces.. While having a discussion about Hip Hop and where the music was going, they both learned they shared the same passion, and ideals about Hip Hop.

They want to change the face of Hip Hop in the Dfw Area. They are always talking about music and where the current state of Hip Hop is. They have always had love for Underground Hip Hop, but when it comes to the mainstream, they have had enough of the same sounds coming from every other artist in Hip Hop.

Da Beatdiggs (Killeen, TX) P.Dot Flo (Fort Worth, TX) are both from the Lone Star State. They have been influenced by artists like Little Brother, Slum Village, H.I.S.D. (Hueston Independent Spit District), Black Star, Gang Starr, Kev Brown, and Dilla. These are all Major influences on their Music. Their mission simply put, is to make great music. They have no desire to be one hit wonders. Hip Hop for them is a way of life, it’s not just something they do. Hip Hop is what Da U.A. breathe and live. They are the embodiment of the Hip Hop Culture.

Demi Demaree


Ipcus Pinecone is the alter ego or alter expression of artist Demi Demaree. Front man of past acts such as Villebillies, Plan Of Man, Bass Drum Aliens, and Iron Bells. His latest music venture Ipcus Pinecone is best categorized as Alternative Hip Hop. From tranquilizing beats with poetic wordplay to up-beat tracks with heavy choruses, Ipcus Pinecone takes the listener on a journey into the mind of his artistry.

Benny Hookfin aka Comedian Catfish

Born November 6, 1975 in Pensacola FL, Benny James Hookfin aka Comedian Catfish has always had a deep love for stand-up comedy. After seeing Eddie Murphy’s Raw, Benny was inspired to embark on his own journey to pursue a career in comedy. His first performance was at a place called Gateway Community Service located on Stockton Street in Jacksonville FL.

Comedian Catfish has many influences in the comedy sector including, DC Young Fly, Eddie Murphy, Dave Chapel, Chico Beans, Carlos Miller, Steve Harvey, Kat Williams, Martin Lawrence, and Chris Rock. But his biggest influence and number one role model is God. Catfish’s ultimate decision to walk the comedic path was determined by the Holy Bible. “The Bible says that laughter is good for the soul”. After suffering numerous tragedies throughout his lifetime he only wished to take to the stage, talk about his pain and laugh about it with others.

Catfish is Managed by: Donnell Ballard