Ben Malick

 Ben Malick has been putting in hard work on his craft with MIDI controllers, keyboards, (Worlde Panda Mini & M-Audio Oxygen 8 v1) dumped on FL Studio 9, chopping up samples and composing melodies from scratch. His work ethic is definitely what is behind him becoming one of very few Africa-based prolific music makers successfully working with overseas, especially the United States.

 His credits appear on projects with: Big Shug (Gangstarr), Access Immortal, Supreme R.A., Shadowstar Boxer, EXP, Weapon ESP, Nytelife, Prossess, The Kid Hater, Emf Black, Prince Newkirk, Admiral, Sway Guevara, and The Absouljah.

 Ben Malick not only builds beats, he’s got bars as well. He has a few singles available on Bandcamp that showcase both his production and his rhyming skills. You can also check out his work on Soundclick player below. His beats are available in our BEAT SHOP. To work with Ben Malick you can link up with him by following any one of his social media sites, or just CONTACT US and we can make it happen.