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Since early April, Inf Grizzy and High Rolling Entertainment, has accomplished above average expectations in the music industry. As much as I recently had the pleasure of Interviewing Inf Grizzy, I quickly realized he is a force to be reckoned with in the hip-hop music business. I enjoyed his charismatic character and undeniable talent, and it was an honor for me to do an interview with him.

Inf Grizzy, spoke about his potential endorsements with THC companies and hip-hop clothing companies, as well as the amount of exposure he has recently received from his side A/B single release. “It seems extremely surreal, almost as if it is happening way too fast,” said Inf Grizzy. “The energy I receive, just makes me thrive to make more tracks,” and keep the music coming in harder”

Inf Grizzy’s debut album called, Addicted will be released in June or July of 2022, and in my opinion, it has a lot of “fire” hit singles on the album. I know I am looking forward to it after this review! You can find Inf Grizzy’s music on all major platforms. Below is his link to his hit single, “Love is Blind.”

written by C. Dehler of One Stop Shop Hip Hop LLC, for Inf Grizzy of High Rollin Ent/ Legaset Entertainment

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