About Hip Hop Blvd

Hip Hop Blvd is the Brain Child of Al Pizarro, Terry Nelson, DJ Tony Tone and Alex Pizarro.  This union inspired the platform of support for the Brick Layers and Founders of Hip Hop.

Hip Hop Blvd is a Corporation dedicated to Protect, Preserve and Empower the name of Hip Hop and its pioneers, people and culture. We will execute this  through Business, Social Awareness, Education and Health. All efforts are geared towards enhancing a creating a better quality of life.  Visit our Hip Hop Blvd SIte by Clicking Button Below.


 THE HITZ SHOW A Hip Hop Blvd Production in association with I.A.S. Music Reviews and WSME Radio. The show premise is simple, music from unknown or well-known artists. That have not hit the market, not played on radio stations. Where Steve Richardson selects the best catalogs of music from I.A.S. Played by the most talented DJ’s in the world. This show presents THE GRANDWIZARD RASHEEN on the 1&2’s Every Wednesday at 5pm LIVE on facebook catch The Hitz Show.

Grand Wizard Rasheen is Hip Hop Legend. He started DJing on his own pirate radio station called (WSMP) in Southwest Philadelphia in the late 70’s. He was the first DJ to play hip hop in Philly. While dancing with his group The Franchise Dancers, he showed DJ Cash Money the art of trick mixing. Cash Money then showed DJ Jazzy Jeff the tricks he had learned from Rasheen. The two then became the Twins of Spin (yet another creation of Rasheen). DJ Grand Wizard Rasheen created battle style cutting in 1976 years before DJ Cash Money or DJ Jazzy Jeff began DJing. As is the case with many of our Hip Hop pioneers many fail to know the true history or fail to give recognition to those deserving. Grand Wizard Rasheen, a Hip Hop LEGEND and a Hip Hop Blvd family member.

The Real Discussion with Rock Logic is a weekly podcast on Facebook Live, co hosted by Gary D,
& Robin.We have the very real conversations that most people are too afraid to talk about every Friday from 7pm – 9pm EST.

The Hip Hop Blvd_The Conversation with Al Pizarro, Tydre, Rock Logic, and Gary Facts is bi weekly prodcast on Sundays 2pm EST – 3pm EST on facebook LIVE!

1 NYCHA Podcast with Saundrea Coleman, Rock Logic and Stan Morse. Every Sunday 4pm EST – 5pm EST on Facebook Live.

 OneNYCHA is a podcast and a Movement that highlights public housing issues and progress within NYC. Collectively we can provide solutions and resources to stakeholders citywide. How can we help ? OneNYCHAtv@gmail.com

iAS Live Music Review: We use creative ways to engage our audience via social mediaprint media and television; our goal is to help bring attention to your music, your business, your brand. We are reviewing music from Independent Artists Worldwide. Like Love or Lose it!!! We let the PEOPLE Speak! Get your music reviewed live if you’re an artist. If you’re an everyday ordinary music lover, become an online critic and offer your opinion about the music and find your new favorite song.

Royal Hustler Promotions Company Provides Event Planning, Promotional Support, Networking Events and Modelling to the New York City, NY Area.Royal Hustler Company can be found on their website and on facebook @Royal Hustler Promotions Company.

QUEEN UP! is an auxiliary company of Respect My Royalty. Respect My Royalty was designed to empower and equip ladies to recognize their royalty and reach their full divine potential www.respectmyroyalty.com

ICREEUPREE Productions is the newest and next best thing for the INDEPENDENT community. We’re a Production Company based out of the Bronx, NY that is dedicated to helping Independent artists and small businesses with visual content for commercials, event production and entertainment. 

PASS THE TORCH is a platform where facts meets fiction, real meets fake, underground meets commercial, gangster meets conscious, old school meets new school, etc. if there’s an argument going on in the media, bring it to the stage and Pass The Torch!! Not every argument ends in beef. On our platform the arguments are organized and always end in understanding. We like to “Educate Not Separate”. So join us in becoming a part of the solution and not the problem. PASS THE TORCH!!