Nuclearcore’s music is very dark and eerie yet it is easy to pick up on the heavy influence of the Old Dusty New York Boom Bap sound of the 90’s. He uses many unique noises and sliced up samples laced with dusty drums which make up what is becoming his signature sound.

  In his short 3 years of creating music, Nuclearcore has produced 4 complete Beat Tapes on his own and one in which is a collaboration with a fellow local producer. He has worked with a number of relatively unknown unground Hip Hop artists. He most recently teamed up with the internationally known rapper/activist Capital X. They released a single “My World featuring Miss Edith” which can be heard on all streaming platforms. This single was from their upcoming full length album together “11:11” which was released on February 5, 2021 .

The fact that this young producer from the Kremikovtsi projects in Sofia, Bulgaria has caught the ear of a veteran rapper from Marcy projects in Brooklyn, New York is a testament. The two share many common interests as they are both affiliates of the underground Hip Hop movement Guerrilla Republik. A solid bond has been formed.

Nuclearcore likes working with conscious rappers and those with metaphorical lyrics but is open to work with anyone that takes their craft seriously. It will only be a matter of time before Nuclearcore’s name will ring bells throughout the underground Hip Hop scene. At the moment he is very accessible and as rapper/activist Capital X mentions Core is very easy to work with and very professional. His work ethic and his willingness to communicate makes for a very sound investment in hiring him for your next project.

The young producer has worked hard on his craft to develop his on own signature sound which is evident. Including a Nuclearcore beat on a project would definitely add a dark shade to it, a different page entirely. His work is best displayed in sequence working together in collaboration for a complete project such as an ep or a complete LP.

 He can be heard on Spotify on his collaboration with Capital X. He also has the full length beat tapes on Spotify. Those tapes are available on Bandcamp as well. Some of his works are available in our BEAT SHOP. You can follow his progress on any one of social media sites. To work with Nuclearcore you can contact him directly or by just CONTACTING US. Many perks come from allowing us to broker your deal in working with Nuclearcore.