What is a Record Producer?

It is extremely difficult to describe, to those not directly involved in the production of recorded music, just how much of a valuable contribution the record producer makes to the final outcome of a recording project.

Many of those professionally employed in recording and publishing companies and management, allowing for their appreciation of its value, would be hard pressed to come up with a short, concise description of such a varied and multi-skilled activity.

A record producer’s job is to realise the full potential of an artist or band, by supervising their work in the recording studio, often to an extent that the artists themselves had not previously imagined, and which they sometimes will be unable to appreciate until the producer’s work is done. During the course of this work, both in preparation before the actual recording, and during the recording process, the producer must be supportive, challenging inspiring, demanding, and do whatever it takes to bring out the best in the artist, and capture the highest level of performance at that particular time.

A lot of artists are understandably nervous when recording new works, and lack the confidence which possible subsequent success later brings. The producer must display his confidence in their material and transmit that confidence to the artist so that they can deliver performances worthy of the songs.

Confidence, leadership, diplomacy, and of course, creative musical talent, are all qualities which a producer must possess. A thorough knowledge and familiarity with all of the technology used in contemporary and classic recording is essential.

Some producers develop from roots in musical composition and live performance while others arrive via the studio route, having spent time as recording engineers, and studying, by association, the work of the talented producers with whom they have collaborated.

No matter which path the producer follows, he or she must develop facility in a number of areas, which include musical analysis, song arrangement, technical fluency, familiarity with the latest studio techniques, and the skill to combine these factors in a skilful and creative fashion.

When it comes to studio techniques and style, no two producers work in the same way. Some are very “hands on”, in that they involve themselves in every minute detail of the musical arrangement of the artists’ songs, in effect becoming an extra member of the band. Whereas others take more of a back seat, subtlety guiding the artist through the maze of multitudinous options available when making contemporary records. Some producers move between the two roles, depending on the needs of the artist and the music.

One Stop Shop Hip Hop looks to provided artists with a service like that of a producer. Our team has decades of experience in every aspect of the recording process from composing, writing, recording, mixing & mastering to performing and publishing. Utilizing our experience and our worldwide network of artists, engineers and musicians we can guide you to make your journey in completing your next project a pleasant one. Here in our production section you will find a number of music composers offering musical compositions/BEATS, musicians, recording engineers as well as a host of services all at your disposal. Aside from being able to find BEATS, a DJ or a recording engineer to mix your next album, you can secure a vital aspect that is priceless, GUIDANCE. If you are not sure where you stand or if you are uncertain where to go next we urge you to contact us today for your FREE consultation.


Nuclearcore is a name not many may be familiar with. But that is surely about to change. Though relatively new to the underground Hip Hop scene this young producer from Bulgaria is quickly carving his own path with his unique, dark, dusty boom bap sound.

 Inspired by the likes of animations such as Transformers 1, Old School Sci-Fi movies and cold, rainy, dreary nights in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria where he is from, Nuclearcore’s music seems to reflect his current situation as well as the conditions of the country he hails from.

Ben Malick

Born and raised in Cameroon, Africa, formerly known as Malick Da 1da, BEN MALICK is an Underground Real Hip-Hop Boom Bap-oriented Producer/Emcee and Audio Engineer, who’s been in the game for 20 years and making beats for 17 years.
He’s been gracefully influenced over both beats productions and rhymes schemes by some Hip Hop Heads like DJ PREMIER, 9th WONDER, NOTTZ, KHRYSIS, RAKIM, NAS, SEAN PRICE (RIP).

Daniel Cordero

Daniel Cordero, Aka Chile D is a Spiritualist, and Shaman in the occult arts of music, mix engineer and producer now based in Berlin, Germany. He spent years as a live sound engineer, and a performing artist. Always the last one to leave the studio, and the first one to get there his work ethic is unmatchable.

Being of latin decent, Daniel Cordero also produces latin flavoured music and mixes this spice  into his production.

Having sang in Choirs, as a backup singer in latin folkloric bands, Rapper/ spoken word poet in live funk bands he has paid his dues.

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